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What FCS can do for you?

First and foremost, it gives you a significant competitive edge.

FCS will help modernise your global logistics and make your delivery pipeline much more robust and efficient . FCS will put your global logistics on a par with the most professional of manufacturers. It will help you win and retain business. How does it do all this?

FCS uses a combination of auto ID and RF-connected hand held scanners and EDI to track bulk freight at each stage of its journey, including bulk break, and give information visibility in the delivery pipeline - on collection from the shipper, arrival at each hub, handover to the carrier, and final delivery to the consignee.

Paperwork is minimised, with waybills automatically produced and their shipment costs calculated. Warehouses can be dispensed with and arrival times cut. Consignees can be pre-advised of the status of their shipments, and appointments arranged to deliver the freight based on specific consignee information.

FCS can be used on its own, or in combination with other systems where data integrity is at a premium.

FCS can also be utilised to help produce much better RFQs and to put in place a 4PL strategy. It can form the basis of a flexible 4PL (or 3PL) Global Logistics Model.

To summarise, FCS...

  • Increases profit while cutting delivery times and improving SLAs. Time spent by freight in the delivery pipeline is cut by 33%. Costs in the hub are cut by 75%.

  • Helps 3PLs to win and retain business.

  • Helps to guarantee manufacturers that their product will arrive on time. It's also great for improving security and freight consolidation.

  • Helps business relationships work better. FCS replaces the often fractious relationship between 3PL and customer (manufacturer) with one that is based on trust and honesty. The trust and honesty come from the measurements made by FCS, which improve quarterly reviews and show what is really going on in the delivery pipeline - and from starting off with better RFQs.

What more could you want? We're probably working on it! The family of FCS users collaborate with us to regularly add new features.

No wonder FCS is growing its user base. More global manufacturers use FCS than...wait! - there is nothing else like FCS! It actually has no direct competition.

So come and join our user base and see what you've been missing out on. And gain that competitive edge.

To contact us now about FCS, go straight to our questionnaire on our Contact Us link, or send us an expressing your interest.

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