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Established in 1992, Audax is a developer, implementer and supporter of solutions - cross dock, merge in transit, and track and trace for:
  1. Multinational manufacturers with long delivery pipelines. Users of Audax's FCS include 30 of the world's biggest companies, many of which manufacture in China.

  2. 3PLs - DHL is an enthusiastic user across three continents.
What differentiates us? Audax has a deep understanding of:
  1. The issues faced in long delivery pipelines, including those found in cross dock, merge in transit and track and trace.

  2. The issues that arise between 3PL's and their manufacturer customers.

Both sets of issues hamper the business performance of all parties. Audax's solutions and consulting boost performance through eradicating these issues.

Audax's knowledge of the global logistics industry - from the shop floor to high end strategy level - is complemented by excellent technology skills honed for developing, implementing and supporting global logistics software.

To contact us now about FCS, go straight to our questionnaire on our Contact Us link, or send us an expressing your interest.

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