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  Do You Qualify?

Do you qualify as a user of FCS Cross Dock, Merge in Transit
and Track and Trace?

If you do, FCS will let you:

  • choose the best choice of carrier per leg and the best product for your needs
  • pick and mix for optimum performance
  • get the maximum benefit of consolidation in each leg
  • achieve freight management at piece level
  • benefit from the shortest end-to-end transit time
  • have total visibility, with unambiguous event monitoring, in the delivery pipeline
  • benefit from proactive exception handling by taking pre-emptive action to correct problems
  • achieve a high level of performance in Quality, Security, Timeliness and Undamaged Goods
  • look after the delivery part of the supply chain. You know your supply chain, but is the delivery part of it a mystery to you? Can its performance be improved?

Many major manufacturers use FCS to save time, improve service levels and reduce expenditure in their delivery pipelines.

FCS will similarly help you if:-

  • You are a manufacturer (of high tech and high value goods) with a global scale operation
  • You export large volumes
  • You have long delivery pipelines
  • Speed is of the essence in your business
  • You want visibility and control in the delivery pipeline.

If you qualify, you can use FCS to realise your dream in global logistics.

More information about FCS here

To contact us now about FCS, go straight to our questionnaire on our Contact Us link, or send us an expressing your interest.

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