Global logistics: latest version of Audax's FCS provides Management Console and will appeal to global manufacturers looking to become their own 4PL

Audax Software has announced the latest version of its market-leading delivery pipeline software FCS. It will appeal to global manufacturers looking to become their own 4PL in order to save costs, gain control over their 3PL and improve SLAs.

FCS is used by more than 30 of the world's biggest manufacturers of high tech and high value goods - from computer chips, mobile phones and games consoles to pharmaceuticals - which typically manufacture in China/Far East and Europe.

"The new version of FCS makes it easier for companies like these to make savings by being more selective in how they use 3PLs and by becoming their own 4PL," says Audax managing director David Warrilow. "The case for becoming your own 4PL is now more compelling than ever."

The Management Console enables 4PLs to get an even better view of what is happening in the delivery pipeline, where FCS tracks freight from when it exits the factory to final delivery.

"FCS allows manufacturers to get a better deal on service levels and cost by taking control from their 3PL," says Warrilow. "Control gives them the ability to optimise freight consolidation and choose the shipper of their choice on the most economic legs.

"In most cases they would still use a 3PL for some functions in the delivery pipeline, but FCS will enable them to better manage and control the 3PL - while freeing themselves to take advantage of what being a 4PL can offer."

About FCS

FCS cuts time spent in the delivery pipeline by 33% and costs in the hub by 75% - and gives five 9s reliability. It's the freight control system that goes the extra mile by improving business processes as well - helping companies undergo change to become more profitable while improving customer retention rates. FCS is used by DHL and household name global manufacturers of high tech and high value goods that want to improve the efficiency of their delivery pipeline and the quality of customer service.